Ballard man says he was harassed

We received this email from Abby last week. We tried to track down the victim for more information, but he wasn’t at his vehicle when we stopped by. We haven’t seen his truck since.

Abby writes:

I was out for a walk in Ballard and was approached by a distraught man on the corner of 14th NW and 58th NW. Someone had smeared dog crap all over the handles of his truck that was parked in the median on 14th NW. His rig was typical of those found largely in the south-eastern section of Ballard. It was old, in poor repair, and heavily loaded with stuff. It was also legally parked.

He wanted me to know as a community member that someone had done this to him. He asked for help in letting community members know that this kind of harassment was taking place. He was outraged that his personal property had been defaced. He said repeatedly that he was within his rights to park his rig on a public street.

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