Ballard man wants light rail on 2012 ballot

When the $60 car tabs initiative was defeated, it seemed that Ballard may never get light rail. In the failed initiative, Mayor Mike McGinn had set aside money to study the alternative transportation.

Ballardite Keith Kyle isn’t letting the defeat get in the way of bringing light rail to Ballard.

Kyle is the man behind the Ballard Spur ballot measure. “The basic plan is to get a ballot measure on in the 2012 election in order to push real mass transit (read fast/not fighting with cars) to Ballard and cross town north within 10 years as part of the North Link construction,” Kyle says. “In my view, the key to getting this done fast is putting together a plan that leverages the existing investment in North/South light rail and finding as many cost cutting measures as possible to keep the total cost palatable to voters.”

The campaign is in its infancy but has launched a Facebook page here. Kyle is looking for ideas and volunteers, including an attorney to help write the ballot measure.

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