Traffic-calming speed sign installed on 8th Ave

There is a new Radar Speed Display unit on 8th Avenue NW at NW 58th Street, just north of a pedestrian crossing. Earlier this week the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) installed the sign, which shows a driver’s speed and will blink if the driver is speeding.

“This Radar Speed Display unit was installed after SDOT determined that this stretch of 8 NW is prone to traffic on 8th consistently exceeding the speed limit; thereby creating a hazardous environment for pedestrians as well as other vehicles,” Rob Mattson, the Ballard District Coordinator tells us. “This specific intersection was selected in part because of its proximity to West Woodland Elementary school; and that NW 58 is a designated 8 NW crossing for children.”

According to the SDOT website, ” By displaying the speed of oncoming vehicles, these signs provide direct feedback to drivers and remind them to slow down. This can also be an effective device for multi-lane arterial streets.”

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