Sound Transit board wants funding to study Ballard-downtown transit line

The city of Seattle and Sound Transit are working on funding for 2012 to study a high-capacity transit system between downtown and Ballard – three years sooner than previously planned, according to the Daily Journal of Commerce. That transit system could be in the form of a streetcar.

The DJC reports that the Sound Transit Executive Committee is recommending that the board appropriate $2 million in 2012. The city would then contribute another $2 million which includes a nearly $1 million grant from the federal government.

“Accelerating downtown-to-Ballard transit planning is a breakthrough, and shows a willingness by the city and Sound Transit to collaborate more closely on transit planning. It also shows a willingness by Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn and the city council to work together,” writes journalist Marc Stiles.

DJC subscribers can read the entire article here.

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