New crossing on Leary now complete

The mid-block pedestrian crossing on Leary Ave NW between Market and NW 20th St is complete. The improvements by the Seattle Department of Transportation include a curb bulb, curb ramps and freshly-painted lines.

“Ballard Landmark residents want to thank SDOT and Rob Mattson for helping to usher it through,” Jalair Box emailed us. “The pedestrian improvements are particularly helpful for those individuals who are managing with wheelchairs and walkers.”

“Visibility is still a problem, however,” she says. “The City cut the portion of the budget that would have added a light to the pedestrian crossing on the west side of the street.”

Speeding cars are an issue for pedestrians trying to cross. Resident Winifred Harrison said, “I’ve seen the cars going way over 30 mph on Leary. Even with a crossing it is still dangerous, especially for people like me in wheelchairs.” (Photo courtesy Jalair Box.)

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