Police close 8th Ave NW due to ‘suspicious package’

Seattle Police closed 8th Avenue NW between NW 80th and NW 83rd streets Sunday morning after finding a “suspicious package” in the middle of the road. The bomb squad has picked up the device and the street has been reopened.

Seattle Police blocked off 8th Avenue NW at 83rd Street with a police cruiser and crime scene tape. The bomb squad van is in the background.

Karla Parker, who lives on 83rd and 8th, said a police officer knocked on her door this morning and told her to stay inside and away from the windows.

She said police initially blocked off 8th between 82nd and 83rd, but later expanded that down to 80th.

Members of the Chinese Evangelical Church at the corner of 80th & 8th were blocked off inside the crime scene tape, and congregated on the sidewalk.

Parker said she later saw the bomb squad robot coming down the street, then police took down the tape blocking the road. She said she and other neighbors were happy the police took it so seriously.

“I so appreciate (the police) looking out for us,” Parker said.

Thanks to Annie for the tip!

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