A trio of bald eagles watch over Ballard

The snowy owl that’s been hanging around Ballard has some company.

Roommates Allison and Reina each sent us photos of bald eagles that have been seen in our neighborhood the last few days.

“Imagine my surprise when I saw three bald eagles swoop to the ground just outside my front yard in Ballard this morning,” Reina writes. “They stuck around for a good 30 minutes, sitting in the tree south of the [Ballard] Community Center field, circling overhead, and perching up high above on the lights. Two flew off to the southeast and the third followed soon after.”

Reina says her family has lived in this home since 1969 and she doesn’t recall ever seeing a bald eagle. “One theory is that they were hunting my chickens who were free-ranging in the back yard,” she writes.

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