Having fun in the snow

Here are how some Ballardites are spending their snow day. Have snow pics? Email us at tips@myballard.com.

Ben Dundas and his friend sled down a driveway into a snow wall that a neighbor created.

This is one way to get around. Take your kids for a sled ride and enjoy the snow.

Added 11 a.m.

This is clever – tie a rope to a laundry basket and pull it like a sled.

Toddler’s first snowball
Both above photos sent by Jen in Loyal Heights

@MrsNickelSmith Tweeted us the above photo and says, “Spending the day introducing our puppy Gibson to snow for the first time, she loves it!”

It’s not a snow day without a snow angel. “Lola Velush, a first grader at Whittier, used the morning to practice her snow angels,” Natalie emailed us.

Vivan sent us this photo of kids in the distance enjoying the snow at Soundview Playfield.

Wow. This has got to be cold. Kite boarding off Golden Gardens. Thanks, Devin for the photo.

“We’ve decided to build a mini snowman on our patio while the snow continues to fall,” James and Sarah

“Lots of sledding in #Ballard for #seasnow today near West Woodland Elementary,” @MaLora_Ann Tweeted us.

Lauren sent this photo of Anders playing in the snow with papa.

Silver sent us this photo of a “snow convertible.”
A look at a snowy Ballard Ave. “As a Midwestern transplant, feeling very much at home!” BJM emailed us.

@Kiki5G Tweeted us this pic of some street sledding.
“I snapped this at 62nd and 28th. Skiers going north on 28th as a lone, brave bike rider rides south,” Brian emailed us.

Updated 1:15 p.m.:

“Tiny Cat’s First Snow! Making Sure Birds and Squirrels are Fed!” Kayte writes from Sunset HIll.

“Sunset hill community center becomes our little sledding hill. We waved to a lot of cross country skiers going by,” Dina writes.

“My daughter Annie with her mini snowman,” Tricia writes.

Riley in the snow.

“Nayeli and Dad on an early morning walk near Market St,” Jessica writes.

“My puppy Nellie playing in the snow” writes Allison.

“Made it on my bike to the park at 77th and 64th overlooking Shilshole,” Jeff writes. “Slow, but a fun snow adventure!”

“My wife & kids heading out for a walk in the snow,” emails Aaron.

Snow Day fun on Esplanade from Jill.

She-Ra enjoying the snow in Blue Ridge.

This is Fern, the snowman.

“Piper family fun on 87th!”

Jefe sent us this photo of the fun at Salmon Bay Park around 11 a.m.

“This is a photo of my 3.5 year old making his first snow parade!” Danielle writes from Whittier Heights.

The Elcamionable Snowman roaming Ballard looking for tacos.

Another brave soul getting out on the water.

Tate and mom Tracy built a snowman on our roof top deck at The Ballard Condominiums.

Snowy shots from Shilshole Marina. See more here.

Silver sent us this photo of a woman cheerfully clearing the sidewalk of Ballard Dental Arts’ office at 17th Ave NW and NW 56th.

Silver took this shot of a snowy Bergen Place Park.

A couple making a snowman at Ballard Commons Park.

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