Young beaver making a home at Golden Gardens

There’s a new resident in the pond at the north end of Golden Gardens Park.

Betsy snapped these photos of the little wood worker’s work that’s on the east side of the pond. This gnawed tree is just off the trail. “Beavers are native to our area, and our wildlife liaison believes this one is a young male who is starting his own dam,” Dewey Potter with Seattle Parks tells us.

While the beaver will get to stay in the pond, the city is working to lessen its impact on the area.

“The staff tried using a ‘pond leveler,’ basically a pipe under the dam, because the water was rising up to the level of the bridge between the ponds,” Potter says. “That didn’t work very well, so now our grounds crew is physically removing the sticks and accumulated sediment. They try to move the materials farther out each time to discourage expansion of the dam.”

Potter tells us that Parks employees will continue to monitor the dam.

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