36th District Elections: Evan Clifthorne officially joins the race

As we reported last month, the list of nominees for Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson’s replacement is a long one, and Evan Clifthorne is one of the newer candidates on that list.

Clifthorne, a Democrat, has been working as a legislative aide to Paull Shin in Olympia. From Clifthorne:

“I am excited to announce my candidacy
for State Representative from the 36th Legislative District in Seattle, Washington and honored to have the endorsement of many Washington leaders, including Senators Kevin Ranker, Rosemary McAuliffe, and Paull Shin, and Councilmember Phil Rockefeller. I have lived in the 36th district for the past two years while working as a legislative aide in Olympia. I’ve seen
firsthand the impact that lawmakers have on the everyday lives of Washingtonians. I understand the challenges we face as we work to build a stronger future for our state.”
In addition to Clifthorne, there are currently six other candidates running: Brian Holler, Brett Phillips, Sahar Fathi, Linde Knighton, Gael Tarleton, and Noel Frame. Nick Cail dropped out of the race earlier this week.

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