Emergency preparedness meeting tomorrow in Whittier Heights

Tomorrow (Tuesday, May 22) night is the second meeting for emergency preparedness planning, held at Whittier Elementary. The Whittier Heights Community Council says the purpose is to, “encourage block-by-block planning to care for ourselves and our neighbors – not just for catastrophic events, but those occurring more frequently – like snow/ice storms.”

From the Whittier Heights Community Council:

Did you come to the first meeting and since have gotten your block together and started to build a plan? Great! Come share your tips of what went well and what progress you are making.

Did you leave the last meeting filled with enthusiasm, but never quite got around to getting your block together? That’s okay! Come on Tuesday night to get a refill on that enthusiasm and hear from others about what is working for them!

Did you not come to the first meeting and now fear it is TOO LATE?! Again, no worries, you can still join in. Come get resources so you can get started making a plan for preparing your block for an emergency!

The meeting will start at 7 p.m. in the Whittier Elementary Library (1320 NW 75th St).

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