Ballard low-income senior housing project up for environmental review

The site for a proposed Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) project at  2014 NW 57th Street is now up for an environmental review.

The vacant lot at 2014 NW 57th St from 2010

Photo courtesy Silver

LIHI is proposing a 51-unit low-income senior housing complex with parking for four vehicles and LIHI’s second Urban Rest Stop (URS) on the first floor. The URS would provide restrooms and a location for homeless to shower and wash clothes who wouldn’t otherwise have a place to clean up. The first URS is located at 1924 Ninth Ave.

The project is funded through the U.S. Department of Housing and Development (HUD); LIHI received $7.6 million from HUD for a Ballard senior housing project late last year.

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