City to assess widening Ballard Bridge sidewalks

The narrow sidewalks on the Ballard Bridge could be widened in the future. According to the Seattle Bike Blog, the City of Seattle is beginning a study to assess, “what opportunities exist for widening the sidewalks” on the bridge. They report that the study will take five months and will look at three things:

  • Is there some way to widen the sidewalk within the existing space? For example, can we shave off those concrete pillars that jut into the sidewalk?
  • Is it possible to widen the sidewalks? This will require a study to see if the structure can support such an expansion.
  • If the structure can support a widened sidewalk, the study will assess what sort of environmental studies, etc would be required.

The city’s Bicycle Master Plan from 2007 proposed some recommendations for a new biking/walking bridge to the west of the bridge, says the Seattle Bike Blog.

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