Anchored Ship Coffee Bar recently remodeled, soon to offer beer and wine

The Anchored Ship Coffee Bar (5306 Ballard Ave) will soon be open late to serve beer and wine on the weekends. The owners of Anchored Ship bought Cugini Cafe over a year ago, and only in the last few months changed the name and remodeled the interior.

Owner Sheila Mulvihill says she just applied for the permits to sell alcohol, and plans to be open late for beer and wine Thursday through Friday nights, starting June 22. Mulvihill says she hopes the shop will be an alternative to the bars on weekend nights, offering dessert options (some gluten-free), affogatos, and dessert drinks in addition to their beer and wine selection.

They sell Herkimer Coffee, made by a local roaster on Phinney Ridge. Mulvihill says in addition to their espresso options, they also sell pour-over coffee, a one-cup brew that she says is gaining popularity among coffee drinkers in Seattle.

The remodeling included opening up the loft area behind the counter, where they’ve added a couch, a table and some chairs. They’ve also added tables and chairs down the hallway, where they share space with a fabric store.

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