Mobile vintage boutique ‘Kippy Ding Ding’ hits the streets

We’ve all heard of food trucks, but there’s a new mobile vendor cruising the streets of Seattle: it’s called Kippy Ding Ding, and instead of burgers and burritos, they’ll be selling floral vintage smocks.

Photo credit Joe Linton

The owners of the trailer known as “Kippy” are two local women, Allison Norris and Amanda Linton. After a chance meeting a few months ago, the two decided to join forces and create a vintage shop on wheels. Linton had just moved here from Los Angeles, where “fashion trucks” are on the rise, and Norris just happened to have access to a trailer. Thus, Kippy Ding Ding was born.

The name, according to Linton, comes from 1930s slang; “kippy” meant “neat.” The “Ding Ding,” Linton says, is the sound a bell makes, because they’re always on the move. She say they’ll be hanging out mostly in Ballard, Fremont, Wallingford and Capitol Hill, and are currently scouting out parking lots where they can set up shop on Fridays and Saturdays.

Kippy Ding Ding will sell everything from vintage clothes to jewelry and home decor. Their first night of business will be Friday, July 6 at the Fremont Art Walk. They’ll be at the parking lot of 509 Wines (1300 N. Northlake Way). They’ll be updating their Facebook and Twitter feed with each new location, so check there for upcoming locations.

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