Bad Albert’s closed again

Update: Shawn Rockey left this note in the comment section:

Unfortunately, there has been an Investor/management dispute that we have tried everything up to and including purchasing Bad Albert’s with secured financing with the help of local support. Unfortunately we were unable to come to an agreement after trying everything possible to keep Bad Albert’s and its employees on Ballard Ave. After two months of stressful negotiations we regret to announce we were forced to hand over the keys and management to the Ballard Restaurant Group. Hopefully, it doesn’t evolve to court but know Cory and I will uphold our reputation and dispute any negative claims from Ballard Restaurant Group in court if necessary. We want to thank each and every single person who has supported Steve and Bad Albert’s for over 17yrs. Cory and I are the luckiest guys in Ballard to inherit Bad Albert’s and almost unbelievable support from our community and now friends right from opening. We want you to know we will continue to fight and with your support we hope to reopen Bad Albert’s as soon as possible.

…Please stay tuned for updates. With the support of Steve, Marco, Employees and community we will get through this. Sincerely, Cory & Shawn Rockey. If you feel like leaving a comment please email Thank you again!

Original post: Bad Albert’s closed its doors again over the weekend due to a “reorganization of management,” as the sign on their door says. Property owner Bruce Adee says he had to shut down after the management, Shawn and Cory Rockey, left the restaurant due to financial issues. Adee says he doesn’t know when or if he’ll be able to reopen the 18-year-old pub.

Photo by Silver

The Rockey brothers took over Bad Albert’s in 2011 and revamped much of the pub after its temporary closing last summer.

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