One more week before Metro rolls out new changes

Metro Transit has some big changes coming to the area’s bus service, a number of which will affect Ballard.  In addition to a couple discontinued routes, Metro is adding a number of routes with service to Ballard. Metro is also ending the Ride Free Area in downtown Seattle, and changing to a pay-on-entry system on all trips. The changes will be in effect starting Saturday, September 29.

Here are some changes that will affect Ballard:

Discontinued: Routes 15, 17 and 18:

Both routes will be changed significantly or canceled altogether. For Route 15, from Metro’s webpage about the changes, “Route 15 Express will provide service north of NW 85th St  during the morning and afternoon peak periods. The RapidRide D Line will provide service south of NW 85th St.” Route 31 and new routes 29, 32, 40 and 61 will provide alternative service for Route 17. And, for Route 18, the Route 18 Express, and new routes 40 and 61 and the RapidRide D Line, will provide alternative service.

Added: RapidRide D Line, Routes 40, 61 and 62:

From Metro:

RapidRide D Line:

The RapidRide D Line replaces portions of Route 15 between Crown Hill and downtown Seattle via Ballard, Interbay, Uptown, the Seattle Center and Belltown. It will operate via Holman Road NW, 15th Ave NW, 15th Ave W, Elliott Ave W, W Mercer Pl, 1st Ave N and 3rd Ave. It will also provide convenient connections to other bus routes at major transfer points, including NW 85th St, NW Market St, Leary Way NW, W Prospect St and Uptown.

Southbound trips to downtown Seattle will leave from a bus stop northbound on NW 100th Pl just east of 7th Ave NW. Northbound trips to Crown Hill operate northbound on 3rd Ave serving the bus stop eastbound on Seneca St just east of 2nd Ave and the bus stops northbound on 3rd Ave at Pike, Virginia, Bell and Vine streets.

Please refer to the RapidRide D Line map for more information.

RapidRide has a fare payment system that features ORCA card readers at many stations. At these stations, riders can tap their cards to the ORCA card readers before boarding buses and enter through the back two doors. If a bus stop doesn’t have a card reader or if you’re paying with cash or tickets, you must enter through the front doors. Riders with a valid paper transfer or non-ORCA pass can enter through the back doors at all stops.

Route 40:

New Route 40 provides all-day service between downtown Seattle and the Northgate TC via South Lake Union, Westlake Ave North, Fremont, Ballard and North Seattle CC. It will operate on 3rd Ave serving the northbound bus stops at James, Madison, Union and Pine streets. Route 40 replaces portions of routes 5, 17, 18, 30 and 75. Also, one northbound Route 40 trip to Northgate leaving 4th Ave S & S Jackson St at 5:25 a.m. and one southbound trip to downtown Seattle leaving the Northgate TC at 12:15 a.m. will be added. These trips do not appear in the printed timetable.

Route 61:

New Route 61 provides all-day service between North Beach and Ballard via Sunset Hill and will serve 32nd Ave NW and NW Market St, replacing local service on parts of routes 17 and 18. On weekdays, it will operate about every 30 minutes from 6:15 a.m. to 10:45 p.m.

Route 62:

New Route 62 provides service between downtown Seattle and Ballard via South Lake Union and Seattle Pacific University. It will operate seven morning northbound and seven afternoon southbound peak-period trips that will be coordinated with Sounder arrival and departure times.

For more on the changes, visit this website.

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