Tailgaters Sports Bar opens in former Bad Albert’s location

The saga of Bad Albert’s has come to an end, as the restaurant/bar has reopened as Tailgaters Sports Bar at 5100 Ballard Ave NW. General Manager Jeff Denny says the space is still owned by the same person, but that it was in dire need of  a change of environment if it was going to survive. Thus, the sports bar Tailgaters was born, and opened on Christmas Eve.

Denny says there are some menu changes, but not much else has changed, aside from the emphasis. When we asked why they made the change, Denny pointed to the wall-to-wall TVs, saying that was a big reason for the switch to a sports bar. So far, the only signage is the sandwich board pictured above. The Bad Albert’s sign has been removed, and Denny said they just got approval to put up an official Tailgaters sign.

Bad Albert’s, which opened on Ballard Ave in the mid-90s, was known for being a jazz haven and burger joint. The parade of new management came in the last few years, and Shawn and Corey Rockey were the most recent managers before an “investor/management dispute” forced them to close in July 2012.

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