Beavers transforming north end of Golden Gardens park

Beavers have been making some big changes to the north end of Golden Gardens park. One of our readers, Chris Hellstern, sent us this photo of one of the trees that’s been chewed away by the busy critters.

Hellstern writes that he’s seen several downed trees in the area, and that the transformation has been major. “Dozens of trees have been felled and the critter has built a large lodge just east of the path and pond near the railroad tracks,” Hellstern says. “It doesn’t look the same anymore and will probably continue to change.”

Last year, the beavers formed a dam, which raised the level of the pond water significantly. The Golden Gardens park staff tried to remove some of the sticks and sediment that made up the dam, because the water was rising to the level of the bridge between the ponds.

“Generally what happens is beavers win,” says Dewey Potter with Seattle Parks and Recreation, adding that they try not to interfere too much with the beavers’ habitat.


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