Night work to begin on Ballard Siphon Replacement Project

By Danielle Anthony-Goodwin

Starting February 7 night work will begin at the south site of the Ballard Siphon Replacement Project. Crews are continuing to tunnel from the south site towards the north shaft and will begin tunneling up to 24 hours a day, Monday through Saturday. This extended schedule will allow for work to be completed as fast as possible.

King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks informed My Ballard that “neighbors can expect increased nighttime noise, truck traffic and additional lighting on site until tunneling is complete.” Neighbors are also expected to face increased night truck traffic around West Commodore Way.

Crews will also continue constructing the afterbay structure that can be seen in the map above. The afterbay structure will allow the new siphon to be connected to the existing sewer system in the area. This work will be carried out during usual work hours 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays and some Saturdays.

In the interests of current and future public health concerns King County planned and implemented the building of the new 85-inch siphon pipe under Salmon Bay. The new pipe will run under the bay between Ballard and Interbay.

This pipe is being constructed to accommodate the waste water needs in the growing region of north Seattle and will replace the current pipes that have been in use in our area since the 1930’s.

For more information on how you will be affected check out the map and diagram above. Click here to learn more about the Ballard Siphon Replacement Project.

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