Ballard duplex features on Apartment Therapy Blog

Chika Eustace, owner of Market St boutique Velouria, and her partner Jared Randall had their Ballard home featured on well-known blog Apartment Therapy today.

The couple’s Ballard duplex, affectionately referred to as “The Dupe”, was described as “cosy” by Apartment Therapy bloggers. The post was filled with vibrant images of the couple’s home showcasing their love of bright color and unique decor.

Check out an excerpt from the blog about their Ballard digs below:

The space itself is, in Chika’s words, a house of “colorful and mundane clutter.” It doesn’t seem to me that there is anything mundane about boldly beautiful walls and quirky fixtures — check out the vintage dental drill on the desk! The house is cozy, with sweet little baby accouterments here and there. “We like to joke about putting Baby in the corner,” Chika says, referring to the playpen slipped into the corner of the room, barely noticeable, but filled with happy toys and plushy friends.

Check out the rest of the blog post here.

If you want your home featured on Apartment Therapy check out the details here.

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy. Photo credit – Andie Powers

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