Compost Days campaign set to come to Ballard

The third annual Compost Days campaign is now underway across Seattle until April 15. The campaign is a thank you to Seattleites for diverting 350,000 tons of food and yard waste from landfills last year.

Compost Days offers free and deeply discounted compost for locals and is set to hold three “Big Day” events across King and Snohomish counties, including one right here in Ballard. During the events finalists will get a chance to dig through piles of compost to find hidden prizes.

The campaign involves a region-wide scavenger hunt to find Compost Days mascot, Corey, The Compostable Apple Core (pictured). Locals can find Corey and his secret codes on posters at 45 retail spots in Seattle, King and Snohomish Counties. At these retail locations locals will find a poster of Corey containing a unique code that can be entered on the campaign website for the chance to win great prizes. To check out locations around our neighborhood click here.

This year’s campaign includes three Big Dig events which are open to the public. The local event in Ballard will be held on Sunday, April 7 at Fred Meyer (915 NW 45th St) from 11 a.m. At the event locals will get the chance to dig through a 15-yard pile of compost for over $1, 000 in buried prized donated by Fred Meyer and McLendon Hardware.

Compost Days celebrates the achievement of Puget Sound residents “eliminating the equivalent to a 100 mile-long train full of garbage from being sent to the landfill,” said Tim Croll, Solid Waste Director with Seattle Public Utilities. The campaign has expanded over the years with help from Seattle Public Utilities, King County Solid Waste Division and Cedar Grove Composting and Waste Management.

To find out more information about the campaign and how to get your hands on a bag of free compost click here.

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