Hotel Ballard gets finishing touches before May opening

Hotel Ballard (5216 Ballard Avenue) will soon open its doors on Ballard Ave as the only 4 star hotel in our neighborhood. The My Ballard team had the chance to have a sneak preview of the luxurious digs before the scheduled opening next month.

We went on a tour of the hotel with owner Debera Riggle to see all that will be on offer, all the while donning bright pink hard hats to ensure our safety.

Riggle informed us that Hotel Ballard has been a project 7 years in the making and has been under construction for the past 19 months. “We initially wanted to renovate the athletic club and then the vacant land became available next door so we put the plans into motion,” says Riggle.

The Olympic Athletic Club, also owned by Debera and husband James, is having its own makeover during the Hotel Ballard construction period. According to Riggle, she wanted to give the club a “lofty New York feel” by exposing the bricks and wooden beams. The Riggles aim to bring the glamor and convenience of the Bill Thurston Bellevue Club to Ballard.

In terms of Hotel Ballard, nothing has been left unplanned. The Club and the hotel intertwine and connect seamlessly on each floor, allowing guests the freedom of wandering between the two without even realizing it. Both the hotel lobby and Club entrance also are connected.

Riggle has been the interior designer on the project and chose much of the color palette, furniture, artwork, bedding and, most importantly, the huge white bath tubs that appear in each room.

Once complete Hotel Ballard will house 29 rooms ranging from $189 to $429 per night. The hotel will also boast three levels of underground parking, providing spots for up to 60 cars.

“We are really excited to share the club and the hotel with Ballard,” says Riggle.

Check out more photos of  Hotel Ballard on our Facebook page here.

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