Walk.Bike.Schools set to hold meeting tonight at Salmon Bay School

Walk.Bike.Schools community group is set to meet tonight at Salmon Bay School library (1810 NW 65th St) from 7 p.m.- 8:30 p.m. The community group comprises of local parents who believe that schools and neighborhoods should work together to encourage students safely walking and biking to school.

The group aim to use their unique position as parents to demand change by the City of Seattle and Seattle Public Schools in relation to active transportation. “The district is making noises and passing resolutions about walking school buses. But so far, we haven’t seen much in the way of action beyond a survey,” writes Walk.Bike.Schools.

During tonight’s meeting Walk.Bike.Schools will focus on bike-program planning and strategy as they reflect on the progress achieved during the first year of the program.

Check out the meeting agenda:

  1. Welcome and Intro
  2. 1 year check-in for Walk.Bike.Schools. Who are we? Do we need a mission or direction? What does the group want our role to be?
  3. Walking and biking to school in Seattle. Are there specific issues Walk.Bike.Schools wants to take a position on? If so, which and how do we act?
  4. Loyal Heights bike club info and update
  5. Salmon Bay – getting a new bike and walk to school program off the ground
  6. SDOT mini grants – how to keep track of expenses for year-end reporting
  7. General bike to school month discussion, program & event tips. Bring your questions and ideas and make use of the group’s collective wisdom.

During meetings over the past year other local organizations have joined the discussion with Walk.Bike.Schools to promote active transportation for students including Bicycle Alliance, SDOT, Feet First, Cascade Bicycle Club, Undriving, the Pedestrian Advisory Board and the Bicycle Advisory Board.

All are invited to attend tonight’s meeting. “If you are a member of a group that cares about encouraging kids and families to walk and bike to school, you too are welcome. We will all likely have opportunities for collaboration,” writes Walk.Bike.Schools on their blog.

Photo courtesy of Walk.Bike.Schools

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