Executive Constantine orders inquest into February’s fatal police shooting in Carkeek Park

King County Executive Dow Constantine ordered an inquest today into the fatal police shooting of Jack Sun Keewatinawin on February 26 in the 10100 Block of 4th Avenue NW.

The 21-year-old man died in hospital after police opened fire while responding to a call about him holding his father hostage with a knife. SPD reported that Keewatinawin threateningly approached an officer with a piece of rebar after the officer had slipped and fallen on the wet ground. Three officers at the scene then fired at Keewatinawin, who was hit several times.

The inquest was recommended by King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg after review of materials from the SPD investigation. Inquests are commonly called to determine cause and circumstance of death in situations involving members of law enforcement agencies while performing their duties. Inquests are hearings held before a six-member jury to determine the facts of a case and provide transparency into law enforcement for the public.

Executive Constantine requested King County District Court Presiding Judge Corinna Harn to both assign a judge and set a date for the inquest to commence.

We will update readers with further details about the inquest dates and conclusions when they are released.

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