Übrlocal plans to bring an online “uberlocal” food marketplace to Ballard

Übrlocal is a local organization which aims to provide a network for urban growers and producers to connect with local consumers. Co-founders Kamal Patel and Liz Smith have started up the network in nearby Wallingford and have plans to extend it into our neighborhood.

Patel and Smith created Übrlocal to bring consumers in touch with produce and products that were grown or produced within a ten mile radius. According to Patel, there is minimal viable produce that consumers can find locally and he aims to shed light on the fantastic produce and products that are available right near the consumers own backyard. “We aim to create an uberlocal food marketplace,” says Patel.

For the month of April Übrlocal are running a “test marketplace” in Wallingford. Instead of exploring the neighborhood one veggie patch at a time consumers in Wallingford can log onto the Übrlocal store online  and purchase frequently updated products and produce with a credit card. Once purchased the goods are available for collection at the Übrlocal pick-up stand at the Wallingford Center every Wednesday, 4 p.m. – 8 p.m. and Sunday, 12 p.m. – 5 p.m.

After evaluating and receiving feedback from the test month in Wallingford Übrlocal have plans to extend to Ballard. “Wallingford is a friendly area for food and Ballard is also friendly to these ideas,” says Patel. Currently, the organization wants to start a conversation with locals about extending into Ballard. They are looking, at this stage of development, for commercial sellers who have their own insurance and have the ability to sell goods from their home. “We are looking for anything food related. Cooks, bakers you name it,” says Patel.

The organization is currently in the initial stages of operation and are welcoming feedback that can be incorporated to enhance the local marketplace that they are aiming to create. “At the moment we are keeping thing open and seeing what happens,” says Patel.

To register your interest or to ask questions about the plans to start a network in Ballard contact Übrlocal via their website here or via their Facebook page here.

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