Part two of Ballard “dupe” features on Apartment Therapy blog

Jean Lee and Dylan Davis, owners of Ballard based online design store Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, had their Ballard duplex featured on Apartment Therapy blog this week. The article was part two of the post on the Ballard duplex, affectionately known as “The Dupe”, which we reported last month. The duplex is home to both Lee and Davis and their neighbors, owner of Market St boutique Velouria, Chika Eustace and her partner Jared Randall.

The couple have co-owned the 900 square foot duplex since 2008 and share the connecting studio with their neighbors Eustace and Randall. All members of “The Dupe” work together in the studio on textile accessories for their online store R&L Goods.

The Apartment Therapy post focuses on the distinct style of the couple’s home, which also doubles as their work and design space for Ladies & Gentlemen Studio. The office/workspace was described by Apartment Therapy bloggers as “a sight to behold” and the “greatest pieces” found in their home were identified  by the couple as items that they had designed for their online business.

Check out an excerpt about their side of “The Dupe” from the blog post:

I love the freshness of Jean and Dylan’s space. It has a Scandinavian feel to it, with bright wooden floors, an open-air kitchen with chalkboard walls, and a great collection of museum-worthy “tchotchkes.” Plus, I was excited to find that “the Dupe” had collectively prepared some amazingly yummy jam and mini toasts for my arrival (a first in my Apartment Therapy history!). After snacking and chatting, I was able to explore their little enclave with my camera.

Click here to see the rest of the blog post and check out more photos of the uniquely designed duplex.

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Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy. Photo credit – Andie Powers.

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