Update on the Ballard Siphon Replacement Project

Crews working on the project to replace a 77-year-old wooden sewer line beneath the Lake Washington Ship Canal have finished most of the shoring work at the south shaft on West Commodore Way, and will now continue tunneling toward the north shaft located in Ballard. According to the King County’s Wastewater Treatment Division, crews worked late Wednesday evening to reduce disruption to nearby businesses during business hours from vibratory work to remove shoring installed for the afterbay structure.

The work will continue later this summer, as crews still need to remove the remaining shoring from the afterbay structure. The tunneling will continue 24 hours a day, Monday through Saturday from the south shaft toward the north shaft in Ballard. To read more about the siphon replacement project, click here for our past coverage, or here for King County’s project site.

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