BHS video students bring home Emmys

The students in Ballard High School’s video production class are celebrating some big wins at the 50th Annual Regional Emmy Awards. Several students took home awards at the Northwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences High School Awards of Excellence.

BHS Video Students at the 2013 Emmy Awards

From left to right: Mackenzie Wright, Sam Baldwin, Joshua Vredevoogd, Vann Fulfs, Tristram Fetters, Jacob Scott, Sage Borlo, Bryan Quandt, Paris Burhen, Raven Two Feathers, Julian Amrine, Brian Cropp, DJ McDoy.  (Also nominated, but not pictured: Kenton King, Ana Krafchick, Taylor Martin, Gabe Tagulao, Louis Weissman.) Photo courtesy BHS

From Ballard High School:

…When the envelopes were opened at the 50th Annual Regional Emmy Awards, students from the Ballard High School Video Production Program won 3 of the four categories in which they had been nominated.

Here are the winners, by category:

Community/Public Service Announcements:
Not Even Once by Sam Baldwin, Paris Burhen, Brian Cropp & Gabriel Tagulao

Long-Form, Fiction:
The Godsend by DJ McCoy

Dream House by Ariahna Ghormley, Ana Krafchick & Louis Weissman

This marks the seventh year in a row that Ballard High School video producers have been winners at the event.

Congrats to the rising stars at BHS!

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