Intersection at NW Market St. and 15th Ave NW one of city’s most dangerous for pedestrians

ballardintersectionOne of Ballard’s busiest crossroads has made the list of some of the city’s worst intersections for pedestrians. The intersection at NW Market St. and 15th Ave NW has seen four car-on-pedestrian crashes in the past three years, according to an article in the Seattle P-I.

According to the article, collisions are recorded by the Department of Transportation based on the crash description given by the responding officer, and those records were used to tally intersection crashes in the compilation.

Other dangerous corners for walkers include the University District intersection of NE 50th and University Way which tallied six crashes, and Brooklyn and NE 45th St. which saw seven crashes. The most dangerous intersection? Pike St. and 3rd in downtown Seattle takes the cake, with nine crashes in the past three years. To see the Seattle PI’s full list of intersections with a bad reputation, click here.

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