Monday Movies on tonight at King’s Hardware

This July King’s Hardware (5225 Ballard Ave NW) are honoring the Red, White and Blue with their Monday Movie choices. King’s are bringing locals an entire month of movies that show how America fared against some of its greatest enemies. Check out the list below of what is screening when and the movie descriptions written by the folks at King’s:

July 8th – Tremors (US vs. 30 foot long worms)

Nevada has a lot on it’s plate, both literally and figuratively. From all-you-can-eat buffets that look like landfills to endless droughts and meth labs popping up like Starbucks, it’s pretty rough out there. We ‘mericans don’t shy away from adversity so what do we do when 30-foot worms start eating people alive? Well when Kevin Bacon’s around we all know someone’s either gonna die or challenge a small-town dancing ban. Sorry, worms. Shoulda picked a state where you CAN’T rent fully automatic machine guns.

July 15th – Raiders of the Lost Ark (US Ingenuity vs. Nazis)

Americans weren’t always doughy couch potatoes with strong opinions about Kim Kardashian’s choice of baby names. In fact, there was a time when even a rugged American archaeologist could go find some sweet religious relics and take on the Nazis, all while going solo… Han Solo perhaps?

July 22nd – The Core (US vs. Planet Earth)

When the center of the earth stops spinning, America knows that the only thing to do is send Aaron Eckhart and Hilary Swank to shoot it with a giant missile that will either destroy the planet or potentially start the earths core again. This is American ingenuity at its best. So what if it’s risky? Nothing American is worth doing if you can’t blow your hand off in the process. Plus I’m sure everything’s gonna be fine. Now back to TMZ.

July 29th – The Patriot (US vs. British Overlords)

So we know this one is more of a historical reenactment, but bear with us. Our history is important, and The Patriot was acclaimed for its accuracy (among other things). You know, like Ken Burns, if Ken Burns were a flag-wielding patriot from America like Mel Gibson. The Patriot tells the revolutionary war story like it really was: brave owners of super happy slaves fought evil, child murdering, church burning monsters (the British) and learned a thing or two about racism along the way.

Movies start at sundown on the back patio which is covered and heated.

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