Reverb Fest renamed ‘Macefield Music Fest’ to honor Edith Macefield

The annual Reverb Fest has been renamed to “Macefield Music Fest” to honor the woman who has become a symbol of Ballard’s independent spirit, Edith Macefield. As we’ve reported before over the years (herehere and here), Macefield became famous after refusing to sell her home to developers who wanted to turn it into an LA Fitness. Macefield turned down the $1 million offered for her home, and has been lauded ever since for her steadfastness.

The Reverb Fest, operated by Seattle Weekly, was was canceled last month after an eight-year run. Macefield Music Fest is the rebirth of Reverb, happening on Oct. 5.

From Seattle Weekly:

Produced through the collaborative efforts of Copeland, Michael Stephens, Drew Church, and Hannah Levin (all of whom share tattoos of Macefield’s iconic house and produce memorable private events at Underwood Stables), the festival’s tone was set instantly when Church mused that it could be named after the woman they all admired. “When Drew suggested the name ‘Macefield Music Festival,’ it really resonated that Edith Macefield’s name inspires people, especially people in Ballard to do things on their own terms,” explains Copeland. “I hope we are able honor her memory by offering up a fantastic event owned an operated by the community of Ballard!”

The Macefield Music Fest will be smaller than the Reverb Fest, and will eliminate the all-ages component. The organizers have scheduled 25 bands to play at three participating venues; Tractor Tavern, Conor Byrne and the Sunset Tavern. Tickets are $10 pre-sale or $15 at the door.


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