Help Hector find his way home

230044_722991971454_5602424_nMy Ballard reader Stacey wrote to tell us of her missing cat, Hector. “We are new to the neighborhood and our cat Hector ran off and is not an outdoor cat and we’re very worried about him – I moved from Indiana to here with him and he’s been a huge part of my family, we want to bring him home,” Stacey writes.

Stacey says Hector is a big black and white long-haired tuxedo cat. She also says he’s “super affectionate and sweet.” Hector has some health issues; Stacey says he sometimes has asthma attacks and has an enlarged heart, “so he should be returned to our family who is adapt at managing those things. His sibling missing him very much and we do too.”

Hector went missing from around 15th Ave NW and Mary Ave NW. Stacey says they’ll pay a small reward to whoever brings him home. If you have information about Hector, email us at and we’ll forward them onto Stacey.

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