Petition started to keep public toilet at Ballard Commons Park

The Honey Bucket at Ballard Commons Park has caused some controversy over the past year, and now a group of Ballard residents, businesses, and organizations have started an online petition to make the toilet a permanent fixture. The portable toilet will be removed on Oct. 11 by the Parks Department, but the group, backed by the Ballard Chamber of Commerce, wants to keep it in the park.

From the petition website:

This honey bucket serves a critical public health function in downtown Ballard for all of us who visit and enjoy this heavily used urban park.

The Long Term Goal for downtown Ballard is to establish a permanent restroom for the general public in the Ballard Commons Park as is usual in other city parks. The current well serviced honey bucket is an important interim public facility for the community until the long term goal of building a permanent facility can be accomplished.

Please add your voice to the campaign so that the Honey Bucket can stay until the Permanent Restroom is built.

Many folks from across our community are depending on your good will and civic spirit so that they will have a healthy place to “go” in downtown Ballard that preserves both their dignity and the public health of the community.

Last year, the toilet was removed after the city conducted a survey asking residents what they thought about the toilet. Just over half the responses were negative, and the city removed the toilet as a result. To read a story about the controversy from December, click here.


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