Bartell Drugs to open new location in apartment complex at 15th and Market

It appears Bartell Drugs will be opening another store in Ballard on the ground floor of the new apartments going in on the corner of NW Market St. and 15th Ave NW. According to the Department of Planning and Development, the Bartell Drugs will be at 1500 NW Market St., in the retail space of the Urbana Apartments (formerly Market Street Landing). The development will be a 330-unit apartment building with 103 dedicated retail parking spaces.

We have a call out to Bartell Drugs corporate office to learn whether the existing Ballard Bartell store will stay open. As we announced this summer, Five Guys Burgers will also be occupying one of the retail spaces. We’ll update with any new information about other future stores or restaurants going into the space.

(Thanks donarb in the forum for the tip!)

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