Look for the big red Rainier ‘R’ in Ballard tonight

At around 6 p.m., the Rainier “R” will be paraded through Ballard as part of the beer company’s “Raising of the R,” in which they reinstate the big red “R” on the Old Rainier Brewery in South Seattle. The “R” will make its way on a flatbed truck all over Seattle to build excitement for the installation on Thursday, Oct. 24. During the R crawl, people in each neighborhood will get a chance to take pictures with the new sign, and the Grazing Rainiers will be on hand for photos.

For more about the parade and reinstatement party, visit Rainier’s “Restore the R” website. If you want to be part of the raising of the R, the party on Thursday is at the Old Rainier Brewery (3100 Airport Way S) from 4 to 9 p.m. There will be a climbing wall, photo booth, games, and all the Rainier you can drink.

To track the R throughout the day today, follow their Twitter feed.

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