Hector finds his way home

hector1We’re happy to report that after being lost for a month, Hector the cat has made his way home. His owner Stacey responded to a sighting last night on 13th Ave, so she was setting up a cat trap in the area. While setting it, she received a call from a woman who said she was petting a cat that looked just like Hector, whose furry mug was on a “lost” poster just next to where he was sitting. Stacey says the woman was just around the corner, so she ran over and was reunited with him.

“He is currently at the vet staying the night, he’s anemic, has some parasites, and has some bronchitis and yucky things in his stomach that he has eaten – they think he will be OK – we’re praying that tomorrow we can go get him and he will be fine,” Stacey tells us. “Posters work! And never losing hope works – I can’t wait to see the little guy healthy and happy again.”

Stacey brought him home from the vet today, and said, “he didn’t skip a beat.”

Thanks to everyone for helping Stacey find Hector! 

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