Get RainWise with Sustainable Ballard tonight at the RE Store

jSustainable Ballard will be hosting a workshop to inform locals about the King County and City of Seattle RainWise program tonight at The RE Store (1440 NW 52nd St) from 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m. The program has been recently expanded and is offering Ballard property owners up to a 100% rebate for the installation of rain gardens or cisterns.

All are welcome to attend the free event and learn more about the community benefits of installing rain gardens and cisterns in Ballard. Attendees will have a chance to learn about the ways in which rain gardens and cisterns help protect the Puget Sound from toxic storm water run-off. Local homeowners who have claimed their rebate and RainWise-trained contractors will also be on hand to answer any questions.

“The RainWise rebate area just expanded to include a lot more of Ballard, so we’re hosting a workshop to get newly eligible homeowners up to speed on the program,” writes Sustainable Ballard’s Publicity Director Eric Thomas.

Rain that falls around our homes rushes quickly to the closest drain or stream and during big storms this excess rainfall can cause sewer backups, pollution and erosion to our streams. The City of Seattle is promoting the rebate program so that locals can do their part in reducing flooding, protecting property and restoring the local waters both for people and wildlife.

Click here to register for the event and click here to learn more about the RainWise rebate program.

Photo courtesy of Sustainable Ballard.

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