Loyal Heights Elementary family loses everything in house fire

houseA Loyal Heights Elementary family of three Alan, Alka, and Blake sadly lost their home and nearly all of their possessions in a house fire at their Greenwood home early on Monday morning. The community of Loyal Heights Elementary has banded together and launched an online fundraiser to support the local family as they recover from this devastating incident.

The family were woken at about 1:30 a.m. on Monday morning by their smoke detector and luckily escaped the house with nothing but the clothes on their backs before the fire took hold. The cause of the fire is still under investigation by the SFD. “We were able to escape through the back door, into the alley and around to the front via the street. Our loving, supportive and incredible neighbors were there to help us,” writes Alma.

The family have found temporary local accommodation however they need assistance to help rebuild their home and replace all of their possessions. “Even though they have insurance, out-of-pocket expenses will quickly add up,” writes Lisa Garms on the Youcaring.com online fundraising page. “Please help us to support this wonderful Loyal Heights Elementary family,” she continues.

Click here to make a donation and assist this local family in need.

Photo courtesy of Youcaring.com

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