Package theft on the increase as the holiday season approaches in Ballard

We have received a number of emails from Ballardites who have had packages stolen from the front porch of their homes within the last two weeks. As the Christmas season approaches, it seems that the incidents of package theft are on the increase.

My Ballard reader Hank emailed in to report that his Amazon delivery was stolen from the front porch of his home at NW 49th St between 8th and 6th Aves NW. “A neighbor on the next block found the empty box with our address on it in his alley and was kind enough to let us know,” writes Hank. “It’s that time of year again.  I guess thieves think they deserve Christmas at other’s expense,” he continues.

My Ballard reader Dan also emailed to report two instances of recent package theft in Ballard. The first took place at his sister’s house near the corner of NW 43rd St and 4th Ave NW. “A couple days before Thanksgiving, a couple of packages were sitting on her doorstep and someone opened one of them up, took out a sweater, and left the empty package on the doorstep,” writes Dan. The second incident took place at Dan’s townhome near the corner of NW 57th St and 26th Ave NW. Someone stole a package that was a gift for his newborn daughter and a nearby resident found a card on the ground near their home. “Since the card had our names on it, they posted on the Ballard Moms listserv that they found the card and let us know that our package had been stolen,” writes Dan.

My Ballard reader Courtney also emailed in to report the theft of two packages containing Christmas presents that were stolen off her porch at 3rd Ave NW and NW 54th St on Wednesday afternoon. According to Courtney’s report, their home security camera shows UPS and OnTrac delivering at 3:30 p.m. and a few minutes later reveals the alleged thief (pictured below a still taken from their home security camera footage).

“Since she was likely following one of the delivery trucks I figure we can’t be the only ones she stole from. We want to give a warning to others to be on the lookout,” writes Courtney. Courtney did report the theft to the SPD using the online reporting system and included photos in the report.


With the increase of package theft in mind, it is important to be on the lookout for others in the community. When ordering online attempt to send the packages to your work location or to somewhere where people will be present to receive the package.

Alternatively, if you are ordering from Amazon they offer a secure Amazon Locker service where packages can be picked up from lockers at various locations around Seattle including at the Ballard 7 Eleven (1550 NW Market St). The service has no extra charge and provides additional security for your packages.

If you have experienced package theft at your home in Ballard let us know at

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