Movie shoot in Sunset Hill?

Updated: We’re starting to piece together some details that might point to a “50 Shades of Grey” movie shoot. Over in Northgate, a “50 Shades” film crew is shooting on the ramp to southbound I-5, according to WSDOT. There were reports earlier this week about a similar shoot in downtown Seattle. And the movie poster (below) features a home with a Seattle view.
Earlier: My Ballard reader John said it looks like a movie shoot is underway along 32nd Ave. in Sunset Hill, so we went to take a look. There are several production trucks parked near 85th St., and this “Barbarian Cine” truck is parked in the driveway of one of the big homes overlooking the water.
A quick search reveals that “Barbarian Cine” is a local company that provides lighting services, often for film shoots. There’s also a long line of “no parking” signs, which are designated for 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. today. We did not see, however, trailers typically used for talent.
While Sunset Hill has a short history of film shoots — remember when we saw Robin Williams in 2008? — this could be just a big party in preparation stages.
If you have details, let us know in comments below…

(Thanks John for the tip!)

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  1. Wonder if this has anything to do with the “rolling slowdowns for filming” on I-5 SB near Northgate Mall that were scheduled for yesterday/today.

  2. There are several shoots taking place in the city this week. Here on Sunset Hill we are filming a national commercial, however I cannot disclose the details (NDA). This is the last day of a three day shoot.

  3. well it certainly appears that this commercial or film–whichever, has talent-less actors as the plane-jane trailers would suggest.

    I, for one will not be watching a commercial made with a bunch of amateurs. Bring on the super bowl!

  4. Wasn’t there some shooting going on last fall in that area? I distinctly remembering being diverted off of 80th at around 30th by a cop car with some clear lighting and camera stuff in the backgroun. Related?

  5. The word is that the 50 Shades crew is shooting outdoor/city shots, while the talent is still finishing up in Vancouver. There was a pretty large presence yesterday along the Burke Gilman at the north end of Lake Union. Lots of trailers, tents, police, but the biggest clue was a large camera crane aimed to capture the view of the city cloaked in its famous grey.

  6. Almost forgot, to see more of Sunset Hill on the big screen, check out Lynn Shelton’s Laggies, which was recently picked up at Sundance. Hopefully it will be in theatres soon! They shot much of that in Olympic Manor, too, and Our Redeemers Lutheran Church was host to craft services. For another glimpse, watch John Cusack in Cameron Crowe’s Say Anything. Lloyd Dobler’s house is perched on Sunset Hill’s bluff overlooking Shilshole.

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