Locally produced short film features Ballard violin maker

dvzLocal photographer and director Ed Sozinho emailed us to share his latest short film featuring Ballard violin maker David Van Zandt.

The film features the talent and hard work of Van Zandt, highlighting the eight week process that he goes through to craft aged wood into a violin.

The film focuses on the creation of Van Zandt’s 128th violin and was shot on Canon 5d mark III cameras with a Canon lens.

Since 1987, Van Zandt has worked as a full-time professional violin maker in Seattle. Each of his instruments is built from start to finish with his own hands using fine raw materials. “I have no apprentices, nor do I use  pre-carved or semi finished materials, with the exception of fittings,” writes Van Zandt on his website.

“Handcraftsmanship has become more scarce and intriguing in today’s digital world,” writes Sozinho. “I have spent the last few months filming David and I thought our local community might enjoy this short film.”

Thanks so much for sharing it with us Ed!

Photo courtesy of www.vanzandtviolins.com

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