Throwback Thursday: Ballard Ave circa 1900

Here at My Ballard we love the history of our special neighborhood as much as our readers do and we thought it was high time that we had a weekly post dedicated to it.

So, we jumped on the Throwback Thursday bandwagon to bring you images and stories from a past Ballard before the condos, fast food chains and Ballard Ave hot spots.

Speaking of Ballard Ave, this week we are sharing a photo of Ballard’s favorite Ave back in 1900. The photo below shows the South looking view of Ballard Ave where you can see a few businesses including Ballard Wine Home and W.D. Beg Groceries, Fruit and Provisions. Wonder if they had Happy Hour?


Do you have an historical photo or a story that readers would enjoy hearing about? Email us at with Throwback Thursday in the subject line.

Photo and information courtesy of Ballard Historical Society.

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Interesting to see no trees along the street. Maybe it was worthwhile to merge with Seattle…


Wasn’t that typical of Ballard?
This area of town in particular has always seemed sparse with trees.
I am to believe Scandinavian settlers preferred open-sky and sunlight to big trees.


Looks like parking is a breeze. No bike lanes though.