Historic street tiles return to 24th Ave NW

After an absence of five months, the mosaic street tiles paying tribute to the street names of old Ballard have reappeared on the corner of 24th Ave NW and NW 63rd St.

My Ballard reader Dan, who initially informed us of their absence after SDOT crews repaired the sidewalk last September, emailed in to let us know that they are back safe and sound.


“So, it appears that the tile on 24th (pictured above) is back. I guess it appeared sometime on Friday night,” writes Dan.

Thanks Dan for the photo and for letting us know that the tiles are back!

2 thoughts to “Historic street tiles return to 24th Ave NW”

  1. You can’t stop growth and change, but it feels good to see reminders of the past like this to help you think of days gone by and the people that walked these streets before you

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