B&O Espresso closes its doors for good

photo 1 (4)My Ballard reader Michelle emailed in to let us know the sad news that B&O Espresso (5404 Leary Ave NW) has closed its doors for good.

Owners Majed and Jane Lukatah are reportedly retiring after 38 years of running the business, the first 36 years at their Capitol Hill location and the last two years here in our neighborhood.

“I left a voice mail (in the hopes it was untrue and to order one of their amazing cakes), and the owner called back to confirm that the café had close and that she and her husband were retiring,” writes Michelle.

B&O Espresso moved to Ballard in January 2013 after their Capitol Hill location was set to be knocked down for a new development. It quickly became a neighborhood favorite here in Ballard and surely will be sadly missed. Check out the sign posted on the door below:

photo 2 (3)

“I’m truly sad to see it go, everyone there was super friendly and funny, the food was great and the cakes were out of this world,” writes Michelle.

The My Ballard team have put in a call to the owners and are waiting to hear back.

16 thoughts to “B&O Espresso closes its doors for good”

  1. I can’t resist commenting, having been faithful customers of the B&O for over 30 years. Their friendly presence will be sorely missed, as much as the fine, flavorful and artistic dessert delights I’ve enjoyed for so long. Sad for me, happy for Majed and Jane. Bon voyage, if it must be.

  2. My husband and I were able to stay in Ballard for nearly 6 weeks celebrating our new grandson. B&O quickly became my favorite place to go for my morning crepe treat. I did visit often. Friendly service; but amazing crepes. Thank you for making my visit to Ballard a delight and for the extra whip cream on my crepe. Wishing you well in your retirement.

  3. My wife and I had our first date at B&O. We met for dessert ad coffee and ended up talking until the place closed, oblivious to all around (except perhaps the wonderful dessert!).

  4. I do love B&O but honestly only went to the Ballard location once. My formative college years and beyond were spent with B&O on capitol hill being a HUGE part. To me, the Ballard location felt like a pale shadow of the original… A very nice cafe but lacked a lot of character that the original exuded. Nevertheless, thanks to them for so many years of great cafe’ing. :)

  5. They picked a pretty bad spot to relocate in Ballard, made me wonder what they were thinking. They would have been much better off on Ballard Ave or Market St. Nobody goes to the block they were on unless they have to.

  6. I loved the B&O on Capitol Hill,and in Ballard.All the things I used to love about Seattle in the 80s and 90s (and the early ’00s) are disappearing.I just hope Dick’s isn’t next on the chopping block!

  7. Used to go to the B & O at its old location on Capitol Hill. Worked across the street. Loved it. One of the things I missed when I stopped working downtown.

  8. Before we moved to Hawaii nine years ago, my husband and I made the drive from Tacoma often to have foul, the fava beans and boiled egg with pita dish, for breakfast. Fortunately, Majed told us how to make it, so we still enjoy it about once a week here on Oahu. It’s become our comfort food. It’s sad to know B&O is no more. Best wishes to Majed and Jane.

  9. It is a sad day, no more Key Lime pie. I was crazy about it. Any chance that they would consider writing a cookbook or just sharing some recipes, like Key Lime pie, no one makes it better, anywhere! Loved it.

  10. Carol and I have just read the bad news and are in shock. The B&O was the first place I was taken to when I moved to Seattle in 1980. Jane and others made our favorite cake — Tara’s — many times for birthdays and anniversaries, so like Lisa (above) we’re wondering where we could go now. Does anyone have any suggestions? Meanwhile, all best wishes to Jane and Majed, and many thanks for everything.

  11. Joining the dearly departed ranks of Raison D’Etre, The Last Exit, Torrefazione, The Dog House, and The Unicorn (U District version).

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