CBRA to focus on development at Thursday’s monthly meeting

Central Ballard Residents Association (CBRA) will meet this Thursday, May 8, from 7 p.m. at Ballard Swedish Hospital, Conference Room A.

This month’s meeting will feature guest speaker City Council Member Mike O’Brien who is the chair of the City Council’s Planning, Land Use, and Sustainability (PLUS) committee. The meeting will give the community a chance to meet O’Brien and ask questions about local development issues.

According to local group Livable Ballard, O’Brien and other members of the planning committee will be making critical decisions about urban density in June.

“We want to pack the room and let him know that residents all throughout Ballard are concerned about the way development is changing our neighborhood for the worse.  We need to demonstrate a critical mass of popular support in order to trigger policy changes,” writes the team from Livable Ballard.

All are welcome to attend the meeting. Click here to find out more about CBRA.

3 thoughts to “CBRA to focus on development at Thursday’s monthly meeting”

  1. There are definitely some things that are a lot better. Personally, I much prefer the vibrant community, bars, restaurants, etc. I can walk to everything. It’s great.

    The downside is that there are some unfortunate developments taking place in Ballard and elsewhere in the City, largely as the result of problems with the land use code that need to be fixed. There are some important issues coming up before the PLUS committee (which O’Brien chairs) — micro-housing, single lot development, and LR Code Corrections that will have an important bearing on how development occurs in Ballard in the future.

    I live in the area the LB petition addresses and the City needs to close the obvious loopholes identified in the petition. CM O’Brien will be reviewing DPD’s proposed legislation and agree that folks should turn out to show their support.

  2. i’d say the numerous bikes (stolen?), shopping carts and piles of refuse under the ballard bridge are not as vibrant as they sound…

    also, the zombies at ballard commons, not vibrant. I can’t believe afro-guy is still there slinging dope out of his van – allegedly of course. i’d never disparage afro man unfairly.

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