Ballard Reuse to open in RE Store space next month


According to a sign posted on the door, new store Ballard Reuse it set to open in the RE Store space (1440 NW 52nd St) the day after its closure on June 15th.

After much deliberation, The RE Store Board decided to close the Ballard store after deciding that “construction and demolition waste issues are being adequately addressed by other businesses and organizations in the Seattle area.”

The store is set to close after serving the neighborhood for 15 years.

The posted sign states that Ballard Reuse, a for-profit employee owned store, is set to open in the space on June 16 to continue to provide recycled and reused building materials to the Ballard neighborhood.

“We will look and feel very similar but we will try to improve upon all the great things we’ve done as The RE Store over the past 15 years,” writes Ballard Reuse management on the sign.

The My Ballard team will keep readers up to date with more information once the store is up and running later this month.

Thanks to My Ballard reader Jake Rosenberg for the tip and the photo.

7 thoughts to “Ballard Reuse to open in RE Store space next month”

  1. They need a searchable online inventory like second use has. I rarely stopped in the Restore once I found Second Use, even though they’re at least 20-30 minutes further away.

  2. The RE Store has sold used tools. Ballard Reuse will sell as many used tools as we collect.

    Also, Ballard Reuse hopes to purchase a point of sale system in the future with the intent of posting all inventory online. Cost and capacity have been the issues thus far.

  3. Thank goodness! We still need a Re-use center in Ballard even if the RE Store is moving north (bummed that they are going). Will be bringing some building materials to the new store in June. Thank you, Ballard Reuse!

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