Giraffe prepares to make Woodland Park Zoo public debut


By Joe Veyera

The Woodland Park Zoo’s newest addition to it’s African Savanna exhibit will make its’ public debut this Saturday.

Two-year old Dave the Giraffe was welcomed to the zoo in May from Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo, and remained out of the view of visitors while undergoing a standard 30-day quarantine period.

According to the zoo, keepers slowly began introducing him to his fellow herd mates, Olivia, Tufani and Misawa, and later acquainted him with the oryx, gazelle, zebras and ostriches that share the exhibit.

“Dave is very docile and laid back, so familiarizing him with his new home and herd is going very smoothly,” said Pat Maluy, collection manager at Woodland Park Zoo in a press release. “He’s growing more confident day by day, and he’s becoming very comfortable with other savanna animals.”

The zoo cautions that viewing hours may be irregular or unpredictable as Dave continues to adjust to the savanna exhibit and his new surroundings.

Photo Courtesy of Dennis Dow (Woodland Park Zoo)

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