Ballard firm gains FAA approval for latest flight simulator


Local flight simulation firm one-G simulation has received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval for their latest simulator, Tarbes7.

Similar to the Advanced Aviation Training Devices (AATDs) that one-G has previously created, the Tarbes7 replicates precise flight characteristics, instrumentation, and cockpit ergonomics of the specific aircraft Socata TBM. According to the firm, although this simulator is closely based on a specific aircraft, it offers a great platform for training of both recreational and commercial turboprop pilots.

Based on his experience of building previous simulators, Xylon Saltzman, CEO of one-G simulation, came up with the idea of the Tarbes7 to give pilots the best possible platform for scenario-based training. “You can practice scenarios and emergency procedures in our simulator that you simply would never perform in the real aircraft,” he says. “This is about training pilots to make informed decisions. This is about saving lives.”

Keeping that in mind, Saltzman’s team designed the simulator to give pilots an opportunity to practice particular missions before flying them, experience geographical and meteorological extremes from the ground, and run through possible emergency scenarios.

With this recent FAA approval one-G is set to offer pilots a safe platform for training while also saving them money and helping the environment.

“Ultimately, we’ve gone through the engineering and product testing to get FAA approval because the mission behind creating great flight simulators is to keep pilots of any level safe,” says Saltzman. “That the Tarbes7 is sophisticated enough to challenge even the most experienced pilots, makes the project that much more rewarding for us.”

The Tarbes7 is now available for pre-order now and official production is set to begin in early November. Click here to learn more about one-G and the Tarbes7.

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