Unique CSA set to bring fresh produce to Ballard


A new and unique CSA is coming to the neighborhood this June. Early Bird Farm, located in the Puyallup River Valley near Tacoma, is bringing its fresh produce to Ballard for locals to enjoy.

Early Bird Farm grows vegetables, berries, fruit and farms eggs using natural, chemical-free methods. The team also sells their produce at the Capitol Hill Farmers Market each Sunday.

For 20 weeks, starting this June, Ballardites have the opportunity to purchase a box containing an assortment of the farm’s natural delicacies each week.

“Unlike a typical CSA box, we set up a farmstand in a neighborhood backyard and give you more choice in your weekly share. Plus you can say hi to the farmers,” says Rawley Johnson from Early Bird Farm.

Inside each box (see the sample pictured above from October 2014), customers can expect six to eight different veggies, a pint of berries and/or a couple of pounds of fruit (depending on what is ripe at the time). Eggs will also be available at an extra charge.

Each week the boxes will be available for pick up locally at a home near Ballard Goodwill.

Cost to sign up for the 20 week program is $500 ($25 per week) with the addition of a dozen eggs for $7.50 more per week.

Locals who sign up for the service by April 1 will receive one week free.

Click here to sign up or learn more about this unique CSA.

Photo courtesy of Earlybird Farm.

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